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Mother Nature has her own ways...

August 4, 2019
By N-wonders BRONZE, Auckland, Other
N-wonders BRONZE, Auckland, Other
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It was one morning at breakfast, stirring through my oatmeal when I felt a pang of agony, shock and humiliation. We haven't gotten rid of our rubbish! It's still there, in the five great garbage patches. It’s still there, floating, sitting, choking, suffocating. It’s just moving house for the rubbish!  I won't go into numbers, everyone knows the death rate of marine animals caused by plastic in the ocean, everyone knows that the icebergs are melting and our white furry friends-polar bears are dying and the 7.7 billion population are well aware that the Earth is heating up; everyone knows that. 

I am not blaming. I hope I don't sound too much like I am. I don't blame humans for the impact we have created on this planet. I just hope that we will all do something about what we are seeing, hearing each day. It won't matter if all the fish die out, it won't matter the temperature will rise each year, it won't matter if sea levels rise and areas flood. All this...change, Mother Nature is not too worried about-it has Its own solutions. But it is us, it is becoming difficult for us to survive if the temperature gets higher and we will be in danger if more dramatic weather occurs and we will starve if vegetation, cannot grow because of droughts, famine and soil infertility. . After all, aren't we killing ourselves? Global warming, climate change affects us much more greatly than any thing, any other species on Earth.

On the contrary, I must be grateful, grateful for those who are doing their very best for the planet and their future generations. Thank you, to all those who fight for a better tomorrow, for those who persevere to save the innocent creatures, to those who have not given up hope and to those who are helping humans along this journey. 

There is still time. There is still hope. In fact there is not much but there is enough to make a change. If everyone, the 7.7 billion of us, work together, to make responsible choices, reduce our waste... do our part to let Earth know how much we appreciate a home like Earth, we might just make it...

Mother Nature has her own ways and we must find ours before it is too late.

The author's comments:

Hi there! I'm Nicole and I live in Auckland New Zealand. I enjoy reading, writing, art, swimming, dancing, baking and a whole variety of others. I have always been aware of the growing problems our world face and through a writing course, I was encouraged to write a piece about the issues. I hope we realise what we have done to Earth before it turns upon us, it deserves to be looked after. 

Thank you and enjoy!

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