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Coaches Need to be Properly Trained

November 20, 2019
By wgot65038 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
wgot65038 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Coaches Need to be Properly Trained 

By:William Gotwald

Nov 18, 2019 

Did you know studies show only 5-10% of coaches receive proper training on professional teams? Proper training meaning Certified to help medically and have certain experienced hours in a coaching position, or even having an ICF credential.

Most coaches starting their job are not qualified to be coaching, or not experienced enough to be coaching.This causes a problem because if coaches are not experienced more people quite doing the activity or sport and will tend to follow another interest pulling more and more people away from the sports making the game or match hard to play.

 with the proper certifications  coaches can teach fundamentals, safety and drills properly reducing the chances of injuries. Medical training such as concussion awareness or first aid training can also prevent severity of injuries that are bound to happen. If coaches were properly trained these chances of adults, teens, and children injuries are low to nothing.

This proper training is a NEED not a necessity. It sets an outline for safety all over the world within the most dangerous activities. This idea of fundamentals comes from the most experienced.

Coaches need to be certified to teach these sports just as teachers need to be certified to teach a lesson on certain subjects. Coaches aren't just helping make a sport enjoyable fun but they are also providing a leader, a role model, and they are being a teacher.

AS an expert on coaching initiative, students from main university Stated that finding qualified coaches is not an intimidating  task to do. There are Training classes and memberships all over the world to help people reach these elite coaching goals.

THese coaching classes cost little to nothing and take maybe 30 of your time every week day for 1 year. This being very do able. 

 Good coaching drives interest and activity making a healthy community. Driving people all over to come in and be a team not just professional athletes. Good

coaching Can give an amazing new hobby to anyone. That's why coaches need to be properly trained. 

Yes Experience doesn't automatically make you a good coach. Some my say experience is only an outline for the future but not in this case because the way coaches need to deal with athletes or even professionals. Their experience is much more valued to the athletes in general, it creates an easier appearance.

Not only does good coaching affect the athletes but just getting an easily earned coaching certification opens new options to employment. 

Yes some little league coaches coach for free because they enjoy the sport but even in the littlest competition they need this proper training because they would be putting others safety at risk. 

The definition of coaching  is a person who does not say how to achieve goals, but gives advice to whom is motivated to conquer their desire. So that way they find their own solution to overcoming. 

Therefore this is a huge task to give someone. So being certified or properly trained will only make this an easier task, being able to coach easier. This task of coaching easier is always done through the more experience because the more experience the more one knows how to deal with minor or even major problems that arise or will be addressed.

Having a proper trained coach can not only boost activity but it will give confidence to those being coached. Proper certifications will not only limit injuries but will also continue to provide an advice giving role model.

Overall all coaches need to have amazing training just as teachers do they are not only giving great options but they are giving lessons and fundamentals of safety.




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