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Going Vegan

November 22, 2019
By Arybella BRONZE, Hemet, California
Arybella BRONZE, Hemet, California
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About 600,000 people go vegan a year. But does it really make a difference? Some people say it’s better for your health and for the environment but others beg to differ. After tons of research, I have learned about some of the reasons why going vegan is better for you and the environment. Some of those reasons include saving animals’ lives and living longer lives without serious health issues.

The first positive effect of veganism is saving animals. It has been estimated that one vegan can save 100 animal lives per year. This is possible because the less amount of people eating meat, the less the demand is for more meat to be sold. The animals that are being eaten have unfair and short lives. They spend day and night locked up until the day they are to be slaughtered. Which is unfair and cruel. But they aren’t the only ones being targeted. There are about two million wild animals being murdered each year because they are considered a threat to the livestock. Some of those animals include bears, coyotes, and foxes. There are even 300,000 whales, dolphins, and turtles being killed each year by being caught in fishing gear and nets. The high demand for animal meat has also caused deforestation because they needed more room to raise livestock which then leads to fewer crops and climate change.

Another positive effect of veganism is longer and healthier lives. Vegans tend to live longer than the average person because they aren’t digesting high amounts of cholesterol which leads to heart disease, and they have a higher intake of fiber which has been proven to be a factor in living long and healthy lives. Lower production of meat and other animal products would also help save the lives of many factory farm workers. Many farm employees are exposed to numerous health hazards including respiratory illness, PTSD, injuries, and infections caused by bacteria. The machines can be very dangerous but also the air they are breathing in can have anything from ammonia to hydrogen sulfide which causes respiratory illnesses and issues.

If you aren’t ready to cut out animal products completely maybe you can start out by eating and buying less meat until you aren’t as uncomfortable because going vegan can really make a difference in the society we live in today and it could help the outcome of our future.

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