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The Damage that Big Oil are Causing That They Don't Want You to Know

August 24, 2023
By JonBai GOLD, Beijing, Other
JonBai GOLD, Beijing, Other
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- Liu Cixin

I can't help but feel a sense of frustration and disappointment. The urgency of the climate crisis is undeniable, yet the actions of significant energy companies seem to contradict their promises of a clean energy transition. It's disheartening to see companies like Shell and BP backtrack on their plans to reduce oil and gas production, prioritizing profits and dividends over investing in clean energy.


The fact that these companies spend such a small percentage of their investments on low-emission energy sources is alarming. It raises questions about their commitment to a sustainable future and whether they genuinely believe in the possibility of a low-carbon transition. Their behavior suggests a lack of faith in society's ability to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, which is deeply concerning. This is terrifying for a person who has asthma in what can be considered a heavily polluted city. I can’t imagine living out the rest of my life suffering as I gaze into the gray and hazy skies caused by the endless rows of factories and energy plants…


A successful transition to a low-carbon future requires the active participation of these energy giants. They have the potential to lead the way in developing and implementing low-carbon technologies. It's time for them to match their rhetoric with concrete actions and invest significantly in clean energy. The consequences of business as usual are becoming increasingly dire, and society cannot afford to wait any longer.

The author's comments:

Living in China, a gas-guzzling industrial powerhouse has downsides, the most prominent is pollution. The fossil fuel industry damages my country by the second, causing plants to die, animals to go extinct, and even cause damage to the healthiest of people. Seeing this firsthand has inspired me to write about the issues presented by the endless stream of pollutants invading our everyday lives.

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