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My Alluring Alcove

April 18, 2012
By Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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The only place that comes to mind when asked about my happy place is my alcove. Solitude and serenity are offered in the lonely expanse of my alcove. The dark is comforting, without any light creeping through it provides the illusion that I am slowly fading into oblivion. Alone with my thoughts I can sort through my emotions and deal with my problems. These are the main reasons my alcove saves me from the horrors of the world around me.

The solitude in the alcove lures me into a semi-conscious state; I ignore everything in my impenetrable sanctuary. Ignorance is bliss; the world around me seems to fade away and with it, all the problems and worries that I have in my life. Located in the corner it provides a place to rest, away from windows and the door, there is no chance any light source can get through. Entrance is forbidden, if someone enters they are bombarded with whatever I can get my hands on. Solitude is a blessing in the confines of my alcove; it keeps me sane in the endless insanity of life.

The darkness engulfs me and all movement, rendering me a dark silhouette in the black expanse. The window is above me and lets the warmth of the sunlight enter but the light stays barricaded by the wood overhead which absorbs the heat. My alcove is like a cave, dark, lonely, and quiet; all of the light is sucked up in the void of the alcove. Cloth blocks the entrance and lies on the roof of the alcove; it absorbs the light filtering it out and projecting the heat. Like a dungeon that radiates suffering, my alcove is where my problems seem to be absorbed like the shrieks of tortured souls that no one knew existed. The gloom allows me to forget the daily problems in my life.

The soothing sense of being adrift in my thoughts helps me deal with my worries and fury at the general population. The wood above dampens the noises emanating and fury at the general population. The wood above dampens the noises emanating from beyond the confines of my alcove and keeps my sounds within. My family HATES death metal and the music I listen to, the alcove gives me a safe place to enjoy my music. My family leaves me alone letting me try to figure out how to deal with the fickle worries of my human life. The calming embrace of my mind simply clicking off and forgetting my worries helps me bear with life.

Some say I’m macabre in nature; the fact is that I am just different. My alcove allows me to forget the demeaning things that I hear from people every day. The lonesome alcove that I escape to saves me from being absorbed in the emotional whirlpool of life. Most would say the darkness is gloomy, I find it invigorating. It is soothing to lay down in the gloom and think about life while blaring death metal, letting me forget the issues I have. I am sanguine in saying that my alcove is my only happy place.

The author's comments:
This was an essay I had to write for English.

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