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The Bully and The Bullied...

June 21, 2013
By Julie1998 SILVER, Ponce, Other
Julie1998 SILVER, Ponce, Other
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Keep your head high, no one is better than you, so you must not make them think they are.

There's the common view of a big tough looking guy being the bully, and a weak looking nerdy kid as the bullied. But sometimes is the other way around, the weak one the bully. Being the bullied is really uncomfortable, I can relate to that. But, being the bully is really bad too. Imagine that if you're the bullied and after you change into a really bad guy because they treated you really badly. That's a bully. A bully is just a kid that tried to fit in but got laughed at. That kid got tired of it and stated being the bad guy, knowing there was another solution to the problem. Maybe you're asking, What the hell are you saying? I'll answer that question, even if you're not asking it.
I'm saying that Bullies are not always the BAD guys, maybe they're just hurt and they are looking for a way to fix that gap in their self confidence by breaking others. I know that it is a really dumb opinion, but they've got no choice. Or so they think.
Even I almost got to the same conclusion and it got me nothing but trouble. You that are reading this. Think before you act, even if you're being bullied, go tell a teacher don't resort to violence. If the bully hits you, then you got no choice but to tell...
If you don't you can become a bully, and BELIEVE me, is not a good idea. Think it through, I know that you will understand someday. Bye... And remember, don't use your fist, use words. That's wise advise, be sure to think it before you do something the you'll regret...

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