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We Wnded, We Had To

September 5, 2019
By Anonymous

I miss the days I spent with you. I still remember the first time we hugged. I remember you said it was awkward, you didn't know why I wouldn't hug you fully. I was scared. You didn't realize the control you had over me. The way that I was drawn to you was an indescribable feeling. I missed you an hour after seeing you. The minutes I spent with you were too little. I wanted forever. I don't know when I realized I loved you, I think it happened over time. The more I saw you, the more I wanted to be with you. You knew the real me, my weird laugh, and for goodness sakes you saw me at my worst. No makeup, hair damp, sleepy eyes and pj's. That was the me that you knew. You saw me for who I truly was, and you loved me. You told me so. Not in words, but by everything you did. You (used) to make time for me. Then you became too "busy". That's when things fell apart. I honestly thought you were the one. I know now the pain you can cause and the damage you can do to one girls heart. Behind my back you would talk to other girls. I knew you were, I just trusted you. I never should have trusted you. You were my everything, the only guy I've ever loved. The one who hung the moon and the stars for me. You made me happy and angry all at the same time. We ended, but we had to. We're better off as friends. At least now when I talk to you there isn't that awkward feeling. 

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