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Young Love; Lust or Love?

June 30, 2011
By EmilyKnowlton GOLD, North Grafton, Massachusetts
EmilyKnowlton GOLD, North Grafton, Massachusetts
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What is love? Does love exist? Is love just a chemical reaction? The many arguments of love are debated everyday. What are my thoughts on love, or "love" for this matter? I have a theory that love does truly exist, but there are millions of people in the world and to find that one person you connect with is nearly impossible. I believe that most people, without realization, only settle. It is easier to believe that you have found your true love but the divorce statistics show that sometimes love is just an illusion. I think some people do find their true love, but it is too difficult to know if you found your perfect match, or just someone close enough to accept as your soul mate. The constant question we, as teenagers ask ourselves, is can teenagers really love each other? Majority of adults will tell you that dating at a young age is all lust and no love. I would agree with that, yes sometimes young love is all hormones and sexuality. The key word is sometimes, I do believe that teenagers can love each other, but I wouldn't say they love each other in the way that a husband and wife love each other. At such a young age as fourteen or fifteen up until the age of eighteen, I feel that teenagers are only looking for support. The sexuality is a release, but I find that the main reason for young love is to find someone that can relate to your personal issues, to have someone to discuss and talk to when in situations. Most teenagers won't talk to their parents or family; they find that they cannot trust their parents or family, or it is embarrassing and their parents or family will make too much of a scene about it. Children almost always form little pacts of people that understand them, teenagers just want to be understood. Therefore, when a teenager finds someone that they believe they love, I think they love the support, understanding and affection. It becomes so strong that they feel they need that person, and have a fit if they cannot be around them all the time; this really worries parents. Then again, it is easy to confuse feelings of hormones with feelings of affections. Anyways, what does anyone want but to be understood and loved? The praise of dating causes many teenagers to date to escape from bullying or insecurities. I think that young love, although can be very dangerous, is acceptable and I feel it helps teenagers to grow into stronger people and get through their "awkward years". Some parents really panic when their son/daughter is in a relationship, but independence and responsibilities come along with being in a relationship; If they make a bad decision, it should be their responsibility to deal with the consequences. In my opinion, young love can exist and be beautiful if came about in the right sense, with the right intentions. Love is never simple though; someone should make a "love at your own expense" warning.

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Young love is complicated, and not for everyone. Just like any other love.

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