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love, how it should be

August 18, 2011
By Awsomenes BRONZE, Chitris Hights, California
Awsomenes BRONZE, Chitris Hights, California
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if i live to be 1000, and say "i love you" evry secint non-stop, it wouldnt be enouf.

Love is a deep affection for someone or something. Love is NOT the same as lust. Lust is selfish, and has nothing to do with your hart. Love is NOT selfish, with love you would find yourself doing things you normally would not do, gust because you what to make that person happy. With lust, you try to manipulate that person to do what YOU what. Also love will cover sin, lust makes sin happen. The bible says that God is love, so if we are to be as Godly as possible, then we need love, every Christian should love to all. You need to love everyone, even your enemy. Most would ask, if they’re your enemy, then how do you love then? A simple answer to that is, don’t make enemies, if you love them they can not be your enemy. If you are good at showing your love then you will be loved. It’s that simple. If you love someone, don’t try to get them to love you back, just be you’re self. To love earthly possessions is not good; you should only love the things that last. For example you can not love your money, if you love money, you are greedy, and selfish. And it is not only loving money that is bad, loving anything man made. Only love the things created by God. And for all of you don’t believe in God, that’s your problem, but good for you, I am not trying to save you, and all this still can apply to you, we all fell love, why not know if its good or bad, if it will last of fade. All I can say is that love will not always be easy, it has its ups and downs, but it’s worth it. All you have is love, love is life. No love, no life, plane and simple. Love can make a bad day good, so make today good.

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i am a Crichton, and i Had a lesson on love, i decided to translate the bibles view on love to a more modern view. this explains the difference between real love and, what we have come to think is love, but is really lust.

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