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Is this love??

May 24, 2012
By Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
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Love its a normal like you or me yet why was it so foreign on my tongue? Why is it that everyone says they are in love? Do they even know what love really is or is it just a fantasy that they wish were true? Is it love that my parents have, that my grandparents have or is it just a trick of the mind? How do they know that they want to be together for their rest of their life’s? Is this boy that sits next to me day after day truly in love with me or is he just being played with by his mind? Am I in love with him? How does one truly know that they are in love? Is it a feeling you feel in your chest? Or is it something you want to believe so hard that you start to? Do you just know when you wake up in the morning and declare i’m in love!? Or do have to ponder over the thought of being in love? Does being in love affect the way you act or are you the same? Does anything change when your in love? Is it a chemical thing or a mental thing? How does one know they are in love? These questions are piling up in my head and are making me wonder what is it love? That is the question we all want answers for and the answer is simple. Nobody knows what love is. It just is. Its a feeling you get when the person you love comes near, a feeling you get when he talks to you and says your name with his mouth. Love changes you. It makes you see things more clearly makes you understand more. It helps you grow up. It helps you feel. Love. Love is something not even the greatest minds can understand. But there is one thing we understand love is a part of us. Without it we wouldnt be who we are. Without it we wouldnt be here. Love. That simple four letter word can change your life.

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