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The Love We Need

February 26, 2014
By ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
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Love has always been a funny thing to me. So the saying goes “we accept the love we think we deserve”. But we don’t. We don’t think we deserve that, because if we did, then for every abusive relationship, they’d all be happy, wouldn’t they? They would be ecstatic to think that they deserve this kind of s***. We don’t accept any of this love, we only tolerate it. And yeah, maybe we think we deserve this s***, but that’s not what we need. And sometimes, we’ll never get what we need because we’re afraid. Afraid to go out into the real world. Afraid to be alone. If love is so easy, then why do we feel alone? We feel alone because love is easy to fall into. And it’s easy to get out too, but in order to get out we need to accept the fact that yes, we will be alone - for a little while - and that has to be okay. It has to be okay because in order to accept a better love, you have to realize that you deserve it. You deserve to be alone. Sometimes, you need to be alone. That lonesome is what will bring you to the real love you’re ready to find. Real love is not what we deserve. Real love is not what we want. Real love is what we need.

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