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Mother's True Love

September 12, 2015
By jessieroza43 SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
jessieroza43 SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
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Love is not an easy thing. When you have someone who loves you, you love them back. With a mother, she has never seen the child's face but she feels you move in her womb. When that mother brings that child home to the rest of the family, they all fall in love too. That mother made a forever promise to that child, to forever love her. The mother was joy every good at the job. The job to love that child forever. One day, years later, the mother leaves. Not because she wanted to, but because the mother was not remembering she had a forever job. The one thing no one knew about her mother, was that she had party's all the time and she never was sure if she wanted that forever job. So when she was assigned to the job, she didn't know if she'd be good. Because her mother never loved her the way her mother should have loved her. But that child's mother did everything she could. But, because the child was so young when her mother left, that child didn't feel love from anyone. That child remembers the mother her. The only way that mother really showed her love, was having her child sleep with her. Just because that mother never the true love she needed. That mother never knew how to show that child true love. Now that child, is a teenager and has never felt the love from anyone. Because she never has had her mother truly love her. But no one can replace that love her mother gave. 

Love is a forever thing.

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