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Those Type Of People

April 9, 2009
By maddy turner BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
maddy turner BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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I felt bad for a girl in my class because she has been left out of everything and made fun of because of her style. People call her emo, weird and a freak.

I felt horrible for the things I use to call her and how I didn’t include her in any events. I started saying sorry by inviting her at a party. It turned out great because everyone had a good time! During that summer, I thought that being a friend means treating each other like friends. We hung out at my house once or twice and at her house too. We went to the movies to, it was so much fun!

Then school started, people still ignored her. She was pretty happy about this year because she made more friends. She also told me about her really big crush. One of my best friends that was actually nice to her. After her crush broke up with his girlfriend she had more hope. I was really happy for her and guys hung around her more. I also hung around a lot more and we spoke mire. We told each other a lot in the past couple days.

One day she had a paper of characters for her new story, but one guy told a girl that she called her 2 inappropriate and untrue names. That girl yelled at my friend and I felt horrible for the things that had happened. I went in the school after she did after she was yelled at. She ran to her locker and got her story and just stood there, I didn’t understand what she was doing. I asked her if she was okay, she said fine so I just let her put her stuff back in her locker and we left. We went and hung out with some guy friends and joked around.

The bell rang and we went to homeroom, the principle called her and the guy who caused the problem to the office to speak. She came back and told me that the boy went to the principle to tell what he did so people would stop yelling at her.
The next class my other girl friends would just ignore me when I tried to talk to them. I didn’t understand until the next class. My best guy friend told me why they stopped talking to me, they didn’t like me talking or trying to be a friend with the girl. I just ignored them the rest of the day and didn’t even look at them.

After school, I was thinking about it more about it because I didn’t have to think about school subjects. I just came up with the conclusion to ignore them back and hang out with the girl and guys who like me if I like her or not!

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Glad you made the right choice by befriending the girl... but what does the story have to do with the title?