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Education vs. T.V

November 24, 2009
By Anonymous

Average number of hours a youth goes to school, 900. Average number of hours they spend watching T.V, 1500. Anybody see something majorly wrong with this picture? As the stats corroborate, many Americans are fruitless. We’re pathetic. It seams as if we were inundated with life. Something is majorly wrong when the hours of T.V watching surpasses hour of time spent in school. It’s almost as if American’s aren’t even comprehensive to that fact.
Looking at other countries in the world such as China, we are being far passed up in the education world. We’re so worried about how you feel, we don’t actually learn what we are supposed to. Americans have become very poignant today. We wonder, how come so many kids aren’t even able to function in school? It’s a simple answer. We’re too worried about video games and watching T.V, that the thought of school seems to get garbled in our minds. Every parent hopes their child will be sanguine and make it in life. Doing schoolwork, chores, work, and other daily activities can’t even be done anymore without a T.V being on. Most youth are in school for eight hours a day. Almost seven hours a day is spent watching T.V, which means that the minute a kid comes home from school, they sit their butt on the couch for the rest of the night. It’s almost is if we don’t know how to do without. Kids with problems focusing in school for example. Heres the problem, T.V. Turn it off.

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