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Twilight the Movie Sucks

September 5, 2010
By sanra SILVER, Far Rockaway, New York
sanra SILVER, Far Rockaway, New York
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I actually love the books, i really think it's the best fantasy book there is, and it isn't because of the romance and all that, but the whole idea of the vampire world and it's wonder that she created.

But i don't like the movie, it's so cheesy, and dramatic, and over the top. it's dark, it's exaggerated, cheap, and humorless, while the book is quite humorous, and light to the point, where it's not quite a comedy, but light enough to be comfortable. I think the thing is that, the director/ producer/ screen writer, whoever 's idea was it, was to portrait a dangerous male leading character that will attract female fans. which apparently, it worked. I mean look how many people are drawn to that 'Robert' guy. Like come on, the guy doesn't even look half good! Say what ever you want, but he doesn't look anythinglike Edward Cullen at all; Edward is boyish, arrogant, and just just smooth at whatever he does. He doesn't need to stutter and puff, like the actor portrayed him in the movie. And just what's up with the awkwardness of Kristen Stewart's character Bella, i mean sure, Bela is nervous and awkward, but she does not talk like that..... (But she's like a whole another matter.)

And that Taylor guy? Jacob is suppose to be dark, not a pretty face and a buffy neck. And speaking of buffy, isn't Jacob suppose to be like more that six feet tall, and looking like a middle aged man?

you know what, maybe I don't get it, maybe, I'm the who's exaggerating it a little bit too much than it is, but i still feel like the movie ignored all the important details that made the 'Twilight saga' what it is. I was really disappointed, And something is really missing.

Sorry to say, it needs a lot more work to come be good enought to be called the 'twilight saga'. If you just saw the movie and hadn't read the book, you are really missing out. Because it goes beyond the forbiden love for two people, a world it self where everything is...lucid, beyond my, you, or anyone( human) else's reach. It's a place where life 's worth of time is just a second, and a seconds worth is a millions of years.

Just the idea, of living forever, free of all greedy human desires and vanity...Imagine a place beyond looks, greed, and lust, where your strenth, power, and nature just makes the world just that much open and free to you...yor love for someone, a something, is forever's perfect.

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