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NeverShoutNever vs. Stephen Jerzak

February 17, 2011
By xxPaulinka GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
xxPaulinka GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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November 8 - TWITTER

Whenever I listen to Never Shout Never, I always mix in a little bit of Stephen Jerzak, because both of them sound very similar. I always assumed that Christofer Drew Ingle of Never Shout Never and Stephen Jerzak had gotten along, seeing as they had a tour together last year. Boy, was I wrong. At around 1 PM on November 8, my phone went off with a Tweet from Christofer Drew saying, " yo @stephenjerzak, stop texting my 15 year old sister...fucking douchebag." This was definitely something that I had not expected ever to hear from Christofer Drew. He usually seems like a happy go lucky person when seen at shows or even in online posts. Stephen Jerzak had quickly replied to this nasty post telling him, "Get your facts straight before you run your mouth @christoferdrew. I haven't dealt with high school drama in a while!" He also told Chris to go back to high school, which is a low blow seeing as he dropped out and never had the chance to graduate. The two continued going back and forth arguing. Christofer Drew told Stephen to "go cover trouble again", a Never Shout Never song that Stephen had covered last year in a YouTube video. Stephen asked Christofer to call him, but he replied saying that "lookin out for my lil sis is not something i am going to take as lightly as a phone gotta use some common sense." Twitter was so overwhelmed with Tweets after this argument that an error message came up saying that too many people were on Twitter and the server might go down. Stephen Jerzak invited people to visit his Stickam at 6PM, Central time, so that he can tell his side of the story. During his show on Stickam, he said that Christofer's sister, Sarah Ingle, had texted him first, and nothing should have been assumed from the texts. Sarah only wanted to know if Stephen had any shows near Joplin so that she could see him on tour.

I am honestly disappointed in the both Christofer and Stephen. Seeing this stupid debate on Twitter really caused me to lose respect for the both Christofer Drew and Stephen Jerzak. Both of them are at fault. Christofer Drew shouldn't have assumed anything; Stephen Jerzak shouldn't have continued arguing and adding fuel to the fire. Was it necessary to have this dispute over Twitter, where everyone could read it? They're becoming like all other celebrities and trying to get at it just for the attention! Is it that hard to pick up the phone and talk it over like civilized people instead of ranting online?

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