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Where's the Love?

January 3, 2013
By ChristianCapers PLATINUM, Dublin, Ohio
ChristianCapers PLATINUM, Dublin, Ohio
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I don't get embarrassed, I embarrass.

Whether its TV shows or movies, there is always a comic relief. There is always a third wheel. There is always a character that gets looked at funny when s/he says something chuckle-worthy. This particular character is kind of in the backseat when it comes to whatever the protagonist's problems are. S/he never gets any attention either, except in that special episode where s/he gets one minute in the limelight. No one ever cares about this character, except maybe the few fans that like her/him and think s/he deserves more respect (me). I feel like I am a definite comic relief in life sometimes too. It's not necessarily bad-if all my friends are talking about one topic, I introduce another through my hilarious randomness. Yet, in TV world, those characters don't get it so good. They always get left out when two people (usually the protagonist and the deuteroganist) are romantically involved. They get stared at like an alien-in a sort of "What are YOU still doing here" way. They get tree branches in their face, too sometimes. Why can't they have the comic effect and still get the love like the protagonist does?

If I was to create a (main) character, I would make her funny, hip, sweet, sassy and SINGLE- which is not something you see much of from heroines nowadays (except Merida of Brave. Good job, but we need MORE!!!!) I believe that a funny, single and independent character should not be treated like dirt. And that's the end.

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All my opinion :)

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