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Moes vs Chipotle

March 28, 2019
By Carlyholowecki BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
Carlyholowecki BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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Today I will be discussing a quite controversial topic. A renowned question among many teens. Which is better, chipotle or moe's? Now I know what you’re thinking. What a stupid topic. But you see the question goes more than just surface deep. In order to fully understand which ones better we must break down each component of these burrito hot spots. Although I’d love to seize the opportunity to drag moe’s to its utter downfall I’m going to take a more informational approach by discussing some comparisons I’ve made about the two restaurants. I will say now that I am a semi-regular chipotle goer but I will be trying to do my best to put my bias opinions aside. Let’s start off with when you first walk into each place. Being nicely greeted with the phrase “welcome to moe's” is an iconic gesture that does add a nice touch to the whole experience but in my opinion it’s just a coverup to distract you from the crap food you’re about to receive. Although chipotle does lack a nice greeting they do get straight to the point. Moving onto chips. Receiving a bag of chips from chipotle is like receiving the body of Christ. They’re perfectly salted with just the right amount of chipotles signature lime salt and are always served warm. Moes chips on the other hand seem more like a poor excuse for stale tostitos chips. They are very dry and very poorly salted. Next onto actual food options. The chicken at chipotle is seasoned to absolute perfection. It’s always consistent and is never cold nor dry. Granted you may have to ask for an extra scoop because they are a bit stingy about the proportions. The chicken at moe’s is borderline mediocre. I will give them brownie points for their steak though. Chipotle’s steak is a bit fatty and rubbery and overall not the best but I overlook this because I don’t order steak. Onto rice. Chipotle's rice is decadently cooked and very moist and includes cilantro making it even more flavorful. Moes is more of a bland,traditional rice but it’s not awful. Now here’s where I get passionate. The freshness of the veggies. Chipotle always has beyond fresh ingredients not just in the meats and rice but especially in the vegetables. The corn is always cold and fresh and the lettuce is always crunchy and very refreshing on a burrito. Moes isn’t exactly the freshest I’ve ever tasted but it could do. Everything kind of blends together as one warm mess rather than tasting each individual ingredient as it should. The most crucial part of the whole meal will now be discussed. The guac and queso. I will say moes definitely takes the cake for better queso but no guac will ever top chipotles. As I was explaining before their greens are very fresh and consistent. The last component that divides these two restaurants is the drinks. This seems trivial but it actually is a very important part to your meal. Moes does offer a wider variety of drink options as it has the Coca Cola freestyle machine. Chipotle does lack on their drink options but they still have the basics that everyone loves. So, now that I’ve discussed the pros and cons of moe’s and chipotle the only question that remains is which side will you take?

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