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Why TikTok Is Destroying the World

September 29, 2021
By icnash BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
icnash BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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You, like me, are probably addicted to the app, Tik Tok. It is an amazing app to get lost in for hours, scrolling through an endless supply of videos. With over 2 billion downloads, practically everyone has the app. However, it is ruining us all. 

For example, how long do you spend a day on Tik Tok? If you said 5 minutes, you're either doing better than the rest of us or you’re lying. You simply cannot only spend 5 minutes on an app with endless content. It's so enticing to keep scrolling through since you can tell yourself it's only one more video. Only one more video? Well yes, that's very easy to say when each video averages from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. It's effortless to get lost for hours. Personally I have to set a self-limiting timer to keep myself from falling down the rabbit hole.

Second of all, the people on Tik Tok are simply too famous. For instance Charli D'Amelio gets super famous from these videos totaling over 100 million followers. That's a lot of people around the world that are watching her content. However just because she was famous, she and her family are getting a whole TV show. It’s not a stretch to say that if she was not that famous, her family would not get a show. Another example is Addison Rae in the new Netflix movie, “He’s All That.” Let me just say that she is not a good actor and the whole movie is filled with well-known social media stars, like Addison. It's practically unwatchable. However because of the amount of social media stars and the fact that it’s new, it has made its way onto top 10 on Netflix in slot 2. 

Overall TikTok is ruining the media and wasting your time. If you do choose to download this app, be aware it comes with a real risk. Lastly, be careful that it doesn’t ruin your perception of good content. 

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I am a ninth grader in Apex, NC.  I enjoy creative writing in my free time.

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