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I Hate Late Replies

October 21, 2021
By Jclover_ BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
Jclover_ BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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I think we all know at least one person who takes way too long to answer their texts.  Not to sound too demanding but if you don’t answer my text within the span of 5 to 45 minutes since I’ve sent it, you’re dead to me.  If I wanted to wait 3-5 business days for you to reply to my message with “K”, I honestly would’ve just mailed a letter to your house.  And sometimes it’s something important, for example what if I need you to tell me what the homework is that I missed which was assigned in class that afternoon while I got up to go to the bathroom because something in the cafeteria food didn’t agree with me? I need you to answer my text so that I don’t have to walk into school the next day without any notion of what we were supposed to do last night.  

Or maybe the text isn’t important at all and I just want you to reply to me because I’d like to talk to you.  I feel like this is a worse scenario than if I just need something because then I end up getting grouchy and having mood swings while waiting for your reply.  First I’ll set my phone down and then constantly flip it over or turn it on for the next 10 minutes, just in case I missed your (nonexistent) notification.  After that I’ll start to get upset and think “hmm, well, maybe I did something wrong and they’re mad at me so they’re ignoring me on purpose.” even though that’s obviously not the case and you’re probably just busy with something.

After 15-20 minutes of self-consciousness and doubt, comes the best 2part; rage.  This is the stage where I’ll start to say things to myself like “well screw them I didn't need them anyways.  Who cares if they’re ghosting me? I've got other, better friends.”  Now this is dangerous because if you finally do respond I’ll most likely start a petty argument, or I'll be snappy with the rest of my replies so it’s best for the both of us to not get to this point. 

Now, there are some exceptions or valid excuses that I will accept when it comes to replies that take more than an hour, and they are the following;

If you or a loved one is currently in the hospital or has just gotten into an accident of some sort
If you are at an important appointment such as a doctor checkup, or a dentist appointment
If you are in a scenario where you do not have access to your phone or it is dead i.e taking a school exam
If you are driving 
 If your phone has been taken by your parents because of bad behavior, grades, etc.
Or if you are asleep or taking a nap (trust me, I understand how important those after school naps are where you fall asleep on the couch and then wake up drenched in sweat 4 hours later wondering where you are and how you got there)
These are all times that I will understand the reason for the late reply and I won't hold it against you.  So please keep in mind that if you are someone who tends to take way too long to reply to my texts, please don’t make contact with me, and try your best to stay at least 3 feet away from me at all times. :)

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