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Worth It

May 21, 2009
By Lindsey Oswald BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Lindsey Oswald BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Its not a big secret how the majority of the population likes to be in style. Nobody likes to feel like the purple elephant in the room with their out- dated wardrobe. Where else is better to find out what’s in than celebrities. Oprah Winfrey, once or twice a year has a “wish list” episode which shows all the “hot” items for the season. It ranges from bubble bath salts to designer handbags and dresses.

When the average woman sees a well known celebrity wearing a specific dress, and sees how good they look in it. The woman gets the idea that she too, will look good in that dress. So she goes to the nearest mall and purchases that dress. Well the lady doesn’t have the same body shape as the celebrity therefore the dress doesn’t look the same, completely ruining the image in her head of what it was going to look like. Causing her to take it back, disappointed. The items that Oprah showcases on this particular episode, they aren’t the cheapest. Since the price isn’t the main factor, looking good is, he or she will spend however much is necessary to achieve the desired look no matter the cost. Well after purchasing the $500 dress, the $80 sandals and the $40 worth of accessories that she just “had to have” on that one outfit, which she does look amazing in; but she has no money to buy groceries for the week.

People in general have a problem. Thinking, everyone has the same body shape, looks the same, and the same income. Well we know that’s not the case, everyone looks different, different items of clothing are going to work on some and not on others, trial and error. There’s no way we can all go out and buy a $3000 purse either, well we could but it would be a major setback that the majority of us could not afford.

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