January 5, 2010
By pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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General Mills
P.O. Box 1113
C/O Ken Powel
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Dear Mr. Powel
I eat breakfast every day. Cereal is always my breakfast but I was shocked to find out one day that your cereal, Trix, is not the same. The shaped pieces that were my favorite are now replaced by a round pebble and all the flavors are “swirled” together. (Stated on the cereal box) I want the old Trix back.

The cereal was fun and exciting. I sat all day on Saturdays when I was a kid eating your cereal guessing what piece each one was. You could pick up each piece and tell what it is not only by the shape, but by the flavor. Now all pieces are the same and taste the same too. How is this any different from other cereal with the same taste? Like Fruity Pebbles. If General Mills wants to be the number one cereal brand in America, like your motto states, why not make it different from the competitors?

This cereal is aimed at kids according to your Trix Rabbit with the catch phrase, “Trix are for kids.” What kid would rather have little round puffs than shaped cereal that looks like fruit? You have taken out the fun. They will find some other cereal to eat and lose your company money. If your mission is to be the number one company in America you have to do what American’s wants. You’re not going to sell a cereal that people don’t like. Kids love excitement and hate boring things. Excitement is what you took away when you changed the cereal. Changing the cereal back would bring a greater income to your company and keep your consumers much happier.

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