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Becoming Clones

October 28, 2010
By bound4life4ever PLATINUM, Jamaica, New York
bound4life4ever PLATINUM, Jamaica, New York
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Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

This piece is going to be what I think about certain things, NOT what society tells us we should think. I know a lot of people today (especially girls) just love to talk about people behind thier backs... A lot! Like if a girl walks down the street with striped pants AND a polka dot shirt our first reaction is to inwary (and sometimes out loud) laugh and tell someone how much she hurt your eyes. Why?! I mean like, why cant we just keep comments to ourselves? Why do some of us have to go to school everyday worrying about what a certain girls or two might say about us? If i wanna wear my striped pants and polka dot shirt...then i will! Society has mixed up so many things for our generation! Like how to be beautiful you need to look like a stick and eat a grain of rice a day. Or if you dont have tight clothes... Your wierd! Or that you need to look like everyone else, like a clone. WHO WANTS THAT?! i mean really?! And i think the reason so many people do what society says is because they are afraid if they don't match up they will be torn down.
And thats just messed up.
So when you decide that making your self throw up (or starving yourself) to look like a stick isn't fun or beautiful, tell me. Please!
As for now imma tell society to shut up and let me
be me

The author's comments:
Im sick of the pressures they put on us teens. Just being our age is hard enough

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