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Lights, camera, Beta! Scene 75

May 14, 2009
By Stephany..... BRONZE, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Stephany..... BRONZE, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Wow, I stop to stare at the gigantic two towers of the astonishingly massive Gault House, located in Louisville. “Tug- tug” they’re pulling me towards the bus for me to get my bags with my clothes inside. After we put our tote bags in our rooms, we have to go to the convention. I’m walking through the phenomenal large wooden doors of the hotel to get to the auditorium. There’s Junior Beta members’ taking up the whole place. They’re from all over Kentucky, which is pretty amazing. I take a seat with the rest of the students from my school. Then, it comes to me; this is how close perfection gets, from the clean black stage to the smart Beta members. It’s just so close to being flawless just little left to strive for. I had zoomed out by my amazement of everything my eyes had seen while glaring through the student packed room. Once I have finished thinking about this, it all comes to me LIGHTS pointing toward the stage, CAMERA’S rolling to record the 2009 year of success, BETA meaning knowledgably people that show leadership and cooperation towards all and everything. Finally, 75 years of fulfilling achievements towards successful Beta conventions.

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