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Dress Code

April 1, 2011
By sethsgirl GOLD, Jensen Beach, Florida
sethsgirl GOLD, Jensen Beach, Florida
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This article may or may not relate to some of you. But personally it has been a rule at my school for three years now! starting the year i finally graduated elementary and went into 6th grade. Its crazy! My middle school is 6th through 8th, im in the 8th grade now. Even though theres only one semester left i wanna talk about this! We are going through puberty! Puberty! the most difficult time ever. We must wear belts, collared shirts and the shirts have to be tucked in at all times. No freedom pretty much, oh yeah and we cant wear shorts..its florida its almost always in the 80's! My school is so dumb. Oh yeah and in gym we have to do phisical fitness tests infront of all the 90 kids in that class. You no push ups, pull ups, sit ups, oh and worst of all the shuttle run. You have to touch the ground run back and touch the ground again.. ya no stupid stuff. But still in 6th grade its like uhhh im not really comfortable. I found hair in my pizza, i was like ew! One day i forgot my home lunch so i bought it at school. its like a barber shop in the kitchen! I mean seriously, ever heard of a hairnet!? Ok this has turned into a huge complaint list. Well thanks for reading! lol

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highschool next year!

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