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Advocacy Letter

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Arrowhead has an astonishing athletic program. It is lacking one thing. A Bowling team. I am aware of Title IX, which states “there must be equality for boys’ and girls’ in all activities that get federal assistance. I also know bowling was the highest growth rate for all sports last year, according to the United States Bowling Congress.

Pewaukee and Sussex Hamilton have a sanctioned bowling team. I understand you would need federal funding seeing as it would be a sanctioned sport. We would be able to use Hartbrook Lanes, the local bowling alley, for meets and competitions. Yes, there is a bar there, but it could be closed off for meets and competitions to the general public, or they could keep the bar open in the restaurant part of the alley. There are leagues that go on there through the week, but they do not start until about 7-8 pm, therefore we have the time to have a meet there, and when the leagues are going on most lanes are normally not used.

As the proud athletic director of Arrowhead Union high school, you should push for a bowling team. I know this school believes in opportunities, well this is one for young adults that attend Arrowhead to grab onto. I have wanted a sanctioned bowling team for Arrowhead since my freshman year. It would have been a way for me to be eligible for scholarships, because as some excel in football or track, I excel on the lanes. Bowling is my way to show what I can do, but here at Arrowhead I have not been able to prove that. To some bowlers it’s a hobby, to me its passion that I will carry all through life.

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Well I think you should persue this with one of the sporting directors at your school, and also getting a group of kids at your school that are willing to be bowlers would go a long way to convincing your school to fund the team. GO WISCONSIN!!!