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high schools only the beginning

March 13, 2009
By anthony diaz BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
anthony diaz BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
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High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life. Kids living on the edge, dreaming of life and adventure; unfortunately, these feelings will only last for four years.
Eventually, you'll realize that life can't be that great. Most people will end up going to work for the rest of there life, they work until bags form under there eyes and sometimes they'll worry about that lights being turned off by the time there kids wake up. There will be times when life is great and there will be times when life is unbearable. But you know you need to push forward. We leave 'giving up' with high school. People meet there dreams everyday, but it never comes to them like the stories. They'll end up being in school for a couple more years, from the point of there college graduation they will work at the bottom of the ladder with they upper class kicking dirt in there eyes, until they get a chance to crawl their way up one step. I'm making things sound horrible, it's not always like this. Things aren't going to be bad to worse to better. People catch breaks but don't count on them. 'Don't place all your eggs in one basket.' Because you'll never know when you're going to trip.

So when your sitting in class staring out the window, remember, be ambitious, graduate doing as well as you can. Go to college and work your way up from nothing. Don't just stare at the lady walking across the street, don't tune out your teacher or turn to your friends. They won't always be there, but you will. You'll be there every minute you're in college, or every minute you're flipping burgers and McDonalds. You may not realize it now but, every time you make decisions, whether it be hanging out with your friends making out with your girlfriend/boyfriend or actually paying attention to your teacher; you're deciding your future. It means nothing to dream big and make little.

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