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Acceptance, Race & The Nation's Youth

May 13, 2009
By iKissMyPen SILVER, Portsmouth, Virginia
iKissMyPen SILVER, Portsmouth, Virginia
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I believe that everyone can be loved. But also that everyone is. I give every human being a chance because I know that’s how I want it for myself. I’m going to love all people no matter what, after all that’s what philanthropist do. A lot of it came from being rejected by a lot of people and feeling bad about it. I felt unworthy and I made it a mission in life to never cause this feeling upon anyone else. It doesn’t matter what other people say to me anymore and I want everyone to have that same outlook. You should be you anytime any day. What I think really shouldn’t be your concern. If your being you than I love you because it’s like how can I love you if your trying to be something/someone else?


I’m black. And some people automatically think that because of that I love 50 cent and KFC. That I live in a dangerous neighborhood and I’ve been to jail. Also that I’ll drop out of school and get pregnant by 3 different guys. That is what racist people think of not just me but all of the nations black youth. It’s so gonzo to me that because my skin is brown there’s actually people out there that say I’m a failure because of that. I thank God for it though because through Him I’m going to prove so many folks wrong. I’ll listen to Lil Wayne and still make a 3.0. To put an whole entire race into one category…ugh disgusting. They can turn their noses up all they want though because eventually they’ll turn that heavy head up and see me sitting on the stars! [Yeahz]. Look past the color…my skin really isn’t the biggest part of my body, it’s really my heart and then a mind to match.

Nations Youth

I don’t feel were appreciated as much as we should be. We literally are tomorrows leaders. I’m not seeing enough encouragement though. Most of the time were yelled at and seen as ‘no good.’ If the nation youth is constantly labeled as ‘No Good’ then that’s all we’ll ever be. We already know were not grown but were not kids either. We have problems to and it’s hard for us to open up and speak because a ‘Shut up’ is being thrown around a lot. Teenage years hurt. Their bodies are going through a heap of changes, sex is on their mind 20 hours of the day, drugs and alcohol is in easy instant access at the school events and parties, their getting judged from left and right “Your not skinny enough” “Your not cool enough, and then there’s those nasty relationships where they break up and make up all over nothing. I know the teenage mind, I had one for about 4 years now. It stays on an emotional roller coasters that the older people of the world could help balance out…but aren’t. I want all adults, parents especially to let adolescents know you love them and that you care. In school my friends have told me, “Man my moms don’t care nothing for me, she don’t even ask how my day was.” I looked at him for a bit and then pondered on that. My first thought was ‘Wow I didn’t know someone like him would ever feel like that’ and I knew that that’s how a lot of people around the world think of teens. That we just don’t care. We actually care more than you think, we do a lot of the bad because of the fact that we indeed do care. Your son decided to smoke we because it gives him the high that you should. Your daughter is out hooking up with random men because she isn’t getting the love she needs at home. Adults themselves can change at least our part of the world with a hug and “I love you.”

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