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May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

The belief is that men do not have emotions like women do. Many readers of this essay that are females may think that this is really true, but the truth is that it’s false, I will explain fully. For the purposes of this essay, men do have the same emotions as women but they express them differently. It is very important that women know the differences between men and women emotions.

Men express their emotions to themselves or to anyone who they feel that they are real close friends. Men usually have one friend who they can just talk to about there emotions. Most men see as a weakness to just break down and just show how they feel and just cry about certain things. Most men don’t really tell their girlfriend they love them because of the testosterone men have does not allow it, when deep down inside they really love her. Testosterone has a lot to do with the emotional side of men such as to never cry, it is like the unwritten law for men to cry. Most men try to come across as a wild animal such as a wolf, and just go off of instinct not emotion.

Women on the other hand just let their emotions go free. It seems like they want the attention from every one to nurture them and care for them unlike men who just want everyone to think that they are the “man”. Most women fall into that category of falling in love to quick because of all the estrogen and the lack of testosterone. It gives women a hard time to understand how a man really feels because they don’t show anything to help the women out.

Men do have emotions they just decide not to let them show because of the testosterone they have. Women just has to understand that about men

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