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Thoughts on Modern U.S. Culture

August 6, 2009
By JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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A little foolishness, now and then, is relished by the wisest men. -willy wonka and the great glass elevator.

In order to express myself in terms acceptable to modern man, I must conceal that which in actuality matters most to me; my pain and the source there of, my passions and my objects of desire, and my brutal aggressive human nature that leans all to often toward revenge malice lust and greed. In today’s culture more over I must also conceal that which means even more! My Savior from such pain, desires, and nature.

In such a unrealistic culture I find it ironic that we should claim that we are to be independent, and have a right to freedom of speech. Even more that we are to be free to the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. My friends, let me assure you, you are not able to pursue happiness until you are able to accept whatever agony you are facing, and resolve it. It is impossible to think that you will be able to effectively pursue any form of happiness when you are forced to hide anything that prevents you from being truly happy. It does not make sense to hide from others your pains when the only way you are going to be able to get rid of them is to seek help in resolving them.

I am not being so bold as to say you should put your heart on your sleeve for absolute strangers, but it has been my experience that many people cant even open up to their close friends. Moreover, that in some cases, close friends cannot straightforwardly be called close friends, because they are neither close, nor friendly. Building good, healthy, loving relationships is essential to the pursuit of happiness. It is essential to the developing and maturing human spirit, mind, and even the body.

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