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February 15, 2010
By hannahmontanaaa SILVER, Paoli, Indiana
hannahmontanaaa SILVER, Paoli, Indiana
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"A hospital bed is like a taxi with the meter running"

People are pathetic today, they always have been. Asking for approval of how they look and how they act. Who Cares? I sure don't! Stop asking me for my approval of you, but most importantly stop asking me for your approval of yourself. I don't care how good/bad your boobs look, nor do I care for your approval of myself. Why do people put all these flashy things on their selves and their profiles? Try to get attention? All people have a life or else they wouldn't be living. Don't say "grow up" if your not grown up yourself. I'm going to say whats on my mind freely without caring what people think. I will say my opinion on anything, anytime. Friends and family mean the most to me, get that straight. A person that I have known for a few days thinks I will put them before my family? They're wrong. I am NOT a fan of people that try to get as many friends as possible, or a fan of making signs for people, whats the point? Hannah does not care how "famous" you are on myspace, or facebook the truth is no one is really "famous" on the web, Just another soul to talk too, and that is how I really feel. Hannah's not a fighter but will fight for what she believes in. I'm not a religious person, (I don't go to church), and I think that's part of the reason why my faith is shaken. I believe in myself one hundred percent. I have a short patience and an even shorter temper. But I will not argue with you over something stupid. If you don't like the kind of person I am so far in life, then you'll never like me. I don't change for anyone, even my family. I am who I am. But trust me I like to have a good time and get in some trouble, get to know me and you'll be surprised what kind of person I am. I don't reach out for attention. Most of the time i'm in my own world of hate and discomfort. This is all coming straight from the heart, not a website, or a piece of paper. We live in a world of hope and hate, and self loathing and love. Maybe not all at the same time, but eventually we all reach that milestone. Most of the people that visit my profile will not read even half of this, which is completely okay in my eyes. In a few weeks i will be deleting my myspace, simply because of people. Think they're batter than everyone else, it makes me sick to my stomach that someone would actually think that. I have true friends, and do NOT need "web friends", I do not need a truth box for people to tell the truth, just tell me to my face. I also do not need a sticker that says what kind of person I am, or what my music style is. It's not like I need a tattoo to show how strong I am, i know how strong I am, and my self confidence is a reminder of it everyday, not a tattoo. I Hope every single one of you will take this "about me" in consideration, and finally realize what kind of person I am, and how strong one individual can really be.

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Just talking about how i feel right now..

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