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Self Control Controls Others

May 11, 2010
By Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
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True self-control is like good acting, when you wish to make your true opinions unknown you act. When you want them to be less severe, you exhibit self-control, there by masking your true emotions and acting as if the situation effects you less than it really does. When I am angry I might clench my teeth, curl my toes and fingers in toward the heels, my eyes will widen, and my eyebrows rise. When I’m furious I will yell stomp my foot, wave my fists and my head will protrude in front of my chest; I know this and act according to my feelings, when someone tells me that one of these actions is inappropriate for the situation, it only makes me more angry. They tell me that I should have better self-control, therefore masking the true emotions like an actor or actress on being shot. The only difference is that the actor or actress is allowed to choose whom they will be impersonating, and when they wish to set aside their own feelings and take on the character of the story. When one is told to act with self-control, they must in that moment; set aside their own emotion and take on the character of the person who said to act differently. When society represses certain legitimate emotions, be the emotion anger to want, then only more tension and stress that that one person must absorb. On the other side when we force others to absorb more of their own emotions for our immediate pleasure, we later have that emotion pressed against us, others become less honest with us, they refuse to talk to us, and may all together shun us. When we try to force our will upon others, it is as if we are taking away a part of someone else’s humanity to substitute it with your whim and wants. We should consider exactly how much of ourselves we want to force on others, making people more like us makes them like us even less. Spewing commands and critiques on others character makes them less of a person, not to mention makes you less of a person also; people are who they choose to be, regardless of what others say. I someone wants something bad enough; they will have it no matter what others say. One’s emotions are the driving force behind their wants and needs; not to mention the actions they will take to gain them.

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