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December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

You asked me. What I think is most wrong in society? I say the biggest thing wrong with are society is economy. Because: the following.

First, the reason I think economy is the biggest thing wrong with the society is the price of gas at $3.30 compared to .05 cents a gallon in the thirds. I think that we should drill of shores because if we don’t the Chinese are and how would you want drilling there. We should drill off shores and then when we are drilling find a new way to power cars like nuclear.
Seconded biggest reason the economy is bad is the price of food.
The reason food is getting so expensive is because where making fuel out of corn and sugar beats which takes carbon out of the soil making the soil bad and not able to grow plants. We are going to china and taking rice pates for corn fields making once cheap rice expensive.
Third biggest reason the economy is bad is people buying house they know they don’t have enough money. And if they don’t pay for it they expect the government to pay for there house. And the government get there money from tax payers. And if the taxes are hired do to the people buying house for to much everything easel will go up in price.

The reason I think the economy is the most important thing is the saying my dad sead that the “economy is the most important thing in our society”. And I don’t want there to be another depuration.

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