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Our Contradictory Generation

January 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Invariant. Indistinguishable. These words describe what every teen wants to be, and what every teen doesn’t. Everyone wants to be independent, but at the same time wants to fit in. They want people who see them to think that they’re special, while simultaneously looking exactly like everyone else. All they want is to be different, but without being different. We are a contradiction in ourselves. No matter who you ask, every teen will say that either they are an individual, or they’re ‘finding who they really are inside.’ This in a way is quite comical, because if that were true, then I would have concrete evidence to prove my theory that the majority of the human race is made up of Barbie Dolls and G.I. Joe’s. All plastic and synthetics, with faces that are pressed on in a factory by a machine designed to keep every face identical, just as we ourselves designed it to.

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