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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Crime rates in Milwaukee have been rising rapidly year by year. Almost everyday you hear about shooting or robbery occurring. It seems that there are no ethics in the inner city any longer.
Just the other day there was an inane man roaming the streets doing flagrant things to others walking on the side walk. Later on that day the cops caught the culprit and he was taken into custody of Milwaukee County.
It seems all of the problems are rampant and they occur almost every day if not every other. Do you concur that are streets are flooded with so called “thugs?” I think they are and the only way to change the society is to take those “thugs” off the streets, even if that means using duress to restrain them and take them into custody.
I admonish all who roam the inner streets of the city; you must always keep your eyes open because you never know what is going to happen. The criminals normally try to do there unethical things clandestinely, that way no one finds out, but at one point they do get caught.
Since 2002, the crime rates have been rising quite rapidly. How do we change this? We first have to start with the people who live in the city because its time for change, but this would have to be a group effort not just a few people hear and there. The guns and knives have to go. The drugs have to go. If not they will have the label of just being crime infested, junkies.
I know I wouldn’t want that as a label, but apparently they do. I don’t see what is so cool about going around shooting people, taking money, and running from the law. I just don’t see the glamorous life there. Do you? Why cant they be like most others and work for a living and not run from the law, in my opinion it’s a much easier life.
If we could just clean the streets of the certain people that make the city look like a bad place, then maybe it wouldn’t have such a bad reputation. Until that day comes Milwaukee will still be known as a crime infested, low-life establishment, minus a few little towns that are on the out skirts of the inner city.

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Runner GOLD said...
on Oct. 15 2013 at 1:07 pm
Runner GOLD, Amherst, Massachusetts
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This article comes across as pretentious and ignorant. "I don't know why people can't just get normal jobs" you wrote... It is incredibly hard for a lot of people to get jobs. I assume that you have the tools and resources to get help with your homework and that you don't in fact have to earn an income to support your family. You don't know the struggle it is for a lot of people just to survive. A lot of people don't have a home or a cellphone which makes getting a job near impossible. Furthermore, with the the minimum wage as low as it is getting a job often isn't enough to support a family. Selling drugs makes a lot of sense when you can make 100's a day and working at McDonalds gets you $7.25 an hour before taxes. I'm not saying selling drugs is a good thing but a personal assault on criminals isn't going to help anything. We need a fundamental change in our society to give these so called criminals more opportunities to be succesful. Shipping people to jail solves nothing. Except maybe you feel more comfortable on your nicely paved street looking out your white shutters knowing there are no thugs roaming around...