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If we are Fated

December 9, 2007
By Anonymous

There is an unmistakable beauty in reason. We, as human beings, are blessed with the power of reason, the burden of consequence, and the curse of “if”. We have, by some means, acquired the ability to think, ponder, and philosophize, allowing us superior logic, unmatched creativity, absurd excuses, ridiculous lies, and pathetic rationalization. Tracing the tangled web our abilities weave behind us, we see the results of our intellectual conquests: the consequences of the executions of our thoughts; results so scary and monumental often we try not to look back and see them, for when we do the age old “if”’ rears its ugly head into our thoughts, criticizing, ridiculing and taunting us with possibilities.
Thus the idea of destiny was created to battle if. There are signs of destiny everywhere, but if what we see is nothing more perception, could destiny be yet another rationalization feeding into the cycle of human logic? If God was created for explanation only, could destiny have been yet another human excuse? Another way to avoid the responsibility we ultimately must feel at one point for the decisions we make and their affect on others. We all must feel this responsibility at one point, for we all must feel, thus guilt and pride are two of the most basic reactions toward the “if”.
If destiny exists, why are we able to think? Why not skip the entire web and just move forward with the actions we are supposedly meant to carry out? Perhaps we are amusement, people meant to watch struggle and suffer, or perhaps we are mere skewed results of what was meant to happen to the world, results that are more complicated than need be. But if we are just mistakes, than destiny is a lie. What if destiny is a mistake? Am I pathetically rationalizing an idea that I wish could be true?
The evidence is mounting, yet there is still one argument for destiny’s hopeful existence, and it lies in our existence. We may weave a tangled web, but those life forms before us did not. So how is it that we came to be? Evolution took one microscopic life form, trapped it in a bubble, and eventually created us. The chances of that happening are so unbelievably slim that I can’t help but believe that it happened for a reason, that something higher had a hand in that bubble, and that we, and our reason, have purpose.

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