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I Met God Today

June 1, 2013
By MeriElena GOLD, Kernersville, North Carolina
MeriElena GOLD, Kernersville, North Carolina
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I met God today. You might not call him that. You might call him Abba, Jehovah, Allah, nirvana, maybe you call him by many names at once. Maybe you never call on him at all, but today I met him. I don't really think that God should be "him," though. God created gender; why would God have one? God represents both male and female--He plants the seed of life, She forms and nurtures it. God is the Father and the Mother. I doubt any one religion understands this all-encompassing God perfectly. I happen to ascribe to a monotheistic interpretation, at least on paper, but there is merit in polytheism. God has more than one aspect, more than three or a thousand. I see people kneeling in temples, some boxy, some ornate, and they wonder why they don't feel God in their static, simplistic man-made structures. When I met God today, God was sitting in my front yard. Not on the porch or the pavement, but in the dirt with the weeds and the ants and the worms because God is LIFE. Men can take life, use life, change life, but never conquer life nor make anything better. I saw a desiccated blossom falling off its stalk and God reminded me that death is a falsehood. Maybe that flower reincarnates or maybe it rises in three days or maybe it decomposes and its molecules are recycled but life never stops.

And that is what happened when I met God in the flower bed today.

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