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Colors and How Red Is Not Love

December 10, 2018
By MA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
MA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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The true meaning of colors and how red is not love.

Colors have been around for all of time. No, the past was not black and white. They just didn’t have color TV. Colors bring life to everything. Colors let you see everything in true light. They help you understand everything easier. Colors are used to make things more personal. They’re used to make the darkest piece of art look happy, sad or even, darker. It makes things have more personality and character.

Everyone has different opinions about what the colors mean or do, but in this article are the most commonly believed descriptions and meanings. It’s fine if your opinions are different or if you associate a different meaning with a different color. But the following pages are all about what I think colors mean.

So I'm going to start off simple. Not! The first color is black. Now in this article I'll be talking about different shades, but black is black. You can't have a different shade of black because it would be dark blue or gray. A lot of people believe black means dark or sad. Dark is partially right but sadness is wrong. Black has nothing to do with sadness. I'll talk about sadness later with dark blue.

Black is technically not even a color. It's the absence of color just like white. Back onto topic, black has much more meaning then dark. Black is that color (I'm gonna say color cause it's easier then “Absence of color” and makes more sense) means guarded and black will generally be worn by people who want to seem tougher and have a lot of things bothering their mind.

Now it doesn't always mean guarded. Black is very deep and it takes a lot more understanding than other colors. It's mournful. It can also be a very sensible color. Black has a ton more meaning then people think often. If you see black what is your first feeling? Mine was calm. Normal. Black feels like a very calming color.

The reason black is calming is most likely the fact that you see black so often that it just has that normal sense. Like roads. Roads are something you see everyday. A ton of cars are black. A lot of clothing is black. Most iPads and laptops are black. Black is a color seen so often that your brain is used to it.

So overall black is a very deep color used for many different things and has quite a few meanings, all of which depend on the person. Black is mournful, calming, deep, dark and guardful.

The next color on my list is white. White is the opposite of black in more ways than one. White is fairly simple. White is pure. It's clear. It's good. The only thing black and white share is the calmingness. Both are colors you see often. Once again white is a color you can't have more than one shade of.

White is a very cool color. It's once again the absence of color technically but I'm gonna call it color. White is a very pure and clear color. You can mix it with any color and that color will become lighter.

White is often known as the good color, but that's not always true. There are a ton of heros that wear black and villains who wear white. White is the color that makes other colors more pure though.

What I mean is that white mixed with other colors makes the other colors more good and more pure. It makes them lighter. More openly emotional. It can amplify the other colors.

I don't have as much to say about white as the other colors but just remember, to lighten the mood is white and the color of the mood. Just be careful because not all light colors are good. I'll talk about the bad light colors later in this.

So overall, white is the purest color. It's the lightest. It makes other colors whiten. Just be careful, because white is also one of the most dangerous colors.

My next color is… pink! I'm gonna be talking about light pink. Light pink is another color that is so much more complex and meaningful then people think. It's the good and pure pink.

If you think all pink is pure and good, you're wrong. Hot pink for example, is not good at all. I'm not going to be going over that color because it pretty much is the same as red minus a few more… reasons? I don't wanna explain.

Light pink doesn't fit into either the cool or warm category. It leans to warm but can fit into either one you feel. It's a very good color and isn't a confusing color people mix up. It's just a good color. Not bad.

Light pink is a very happy color. It means pure love. It means friendship. It means good lighthearted relationships. Light pink means love. Not red. Red is an entirely different story that I'll tell next.

Light pink is a white mix. That means white is in it and white is what makes it more pure. It's a very pretty color and is often stereotyped as a feminine color, which is incorrect. Anyone can love any color.

Light pink means love. Not romance. There's a difference between romance and love. While love needs romance, romance doesn't need love. Romance means you're trying to impress. It means you like someone and you want them to like you back. Love means you already love each other and don't worry about impressing.

So overall pink is a light color, that means love, kindness, friendship and not romance. It has nothing to do with the romance part of love. That's where I go to my next color, red!

Red is the color of a lot! As I said before, it's the color of romance. It's also the color of hate. See? That's why it can't be love. It's also the color of blood, war and anger. Again, no chance this is love.

Red is the color of hate. It's a darker color, that seems mysterious. It's really not. It's blood, murder, anger. It's fiery eyes and hate.

Red is a terrible color that looks amazing. It's bloodshed that seems noble. It's anger and revenge that seems okay. It hides the true meaning of something terrible.

Red is the color of theatre. The color of drama. Of tragedy. Of hell. It's the color of worse. It's the color you should fear. It's the color of fire. Of evil. It's the worst color and the one you should fear.

So overall red is the color of evil. The color of fake. The color of anger. The color of romance.

My next color is green. Lime green to be exact. Lime green or lime is a light color. Lime is very pretty but is quite evil. It's a companion to red like one of reds minions.

Lime green represents envy. It represents evil and is the color of sneaking and snaking. It's the color of lies.

Many people think green is natural. Sure, it can be. But not this shade. This shade has nothing to do with nature and outdoors. That's a much darker green.

Lime is very energetic and held in. It's usually held up and put back. It's emotional and needs to be let go but isn't.

Lime is very small. It's not very big and it's often overlooked. That helps with holding it back. Which is bad.

Overall, lime is evil. It's jealous. Lime lies. Lime isn't natural. It's held back and made into something much worse than it is. Lime is the color of the snake. It’s a sneaky color that makes everything ready for red.

My next color is PURPLE. Purple is my favorite color next to gold. Purple has a lot of meanings, but the main one is very royal.

Purple is the color of royalty. It's the color of personality. It's a variety of meanings and emotions bottled up into one color. I'm gonna keep it short so I can go over some more colors. Purple is very pretty.

Overall purple is personal. It's personality. It's royal and needs to be treated as such.

Dark blue! Dark blue is very neutral. It's very calming but energetic. It's very middle. The middle color is dark blue.

Dark blue is in a mix between light and dark. It's in the middle of warm and cool.

Overall it is a very middle color. It's very happy and sad. It calms you while giving you energy. It makes it seem darker while the emotions become lighter.

The last part of this is talking about emotions. Colors are the essence of emotions. The top emotions are, happiness, sadness, anger and neutral.

Emotions are what makes a person different. If everyone has the same emotions everyone would think the same. Say if I was the same kind of happiness as my friend we would be the same.

People have different colors surrounding them. I would like the say mine is purple or pink but I wouldn't know.

Emotions are often thought of as less important than other aspects of life. That's untrue. Emotions matter just as much, if not more.

Thanks for reading my colors article.

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Colors are 2 amazing. 

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