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You Know You're a Theatre Kid When...

January 1, 2010
By Your_Guardian_Angel PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
Your_Guardian_Angel PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
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1. You know how to apply stage make-up better than normal make-up.

2. It drives you insane everytime someone spells theatre "theater" instead of "theatre".

3. You know all of the words to at least one song from a broadway musical.

4. You believe every theatre posses at least one theatre ghost.

5. You spend 3/4 of your time at rehearsal.

6. You realize you've only dated actors/band geeks/muscians/chorus kids/emos/stoners.

7. The thought of undressing in front of members of the opposite sex holds no sexual stimulation.

8. You have no social life outside of theatre events.

9. Your idea of a night on the town is going to see a broadway musical or play and then going to dinner with the cast.

10. It looks like a costume closet and/or thrift store threw up on you.

11. The guys you know can apply make-up better than you.

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PeacePerson said...
on Feb. 26 2010 at 5:32 pm
PeacePerson, Prescott, Arizona
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Sooo true.