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This I Believe

April 9, 2010
By murtkitty BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
murtkitty BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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I believe that the ageless art of writing is a journey through time and space to lose oneself in radiant and dramatic characters, to dive headfirst into conspiracy and danger, and to spin a tale of such proportions as to completely forget where one is when crafting such a story. But somewhere along the way, the characters gain a life of their own and the story practically crafts itself. Somewhere along the way, you craft yourself.

I believe that one writes because a story demands to be told. They write because they are suffering from this condition that makes them want to create. Perhaps this 'God complex' is unhealthy, but it sure is rewarding if seen through to the very end, and it will never go away. The desire to craft and weave alternate realities is far too strong to ever be ignored. One might just become frustrated with it for a while, and refuse to listen to this need. In such a case, self discovery is impossible, because one does not understand what they want. It is only through the adventures of others that one finds out what he or she is really made of.

Like any art, writing is flexible. One might bend it to one's will all they want, but in the end it bends you right back. It changes you. It gives you insight into what you find to be interesting, for the reason that one writes is because one cannot find anything appropriate to intake out of others' works. It is why I write, because I know what I like to read about. I know what is interesting to me. I can only hope that what is captivating to me is also captivating to others. And even though that tale might resemble the structure or subject of another book or story, it doesn't matter; nobody has ever told it my way, and it deserves to be.

I believe that writing, to those who want to write, is like breathing. It is imperative for to keep in good health, mental health in this instance. Imagination is one's greatest weapon, and also our dog tag. Imagination sets us apart, gives us who we are to the very core. Respect the art, and you'll gain respect for yourself. Get lost in a story, and you'll get lost in yourself for a little while. For if you don't know yourself, how can you ever expect to know anyone around you?

This I believe.

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on Jan. 6 2011 at 5:35 pm
ashleyn PLATINUM, Zeeland, Michigan
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I love it! To be honest the only reason I clicked on it is because my teacher is making us do a similar assignment for school, a this i believe statement, but it also has to do with the american dream...I enjoyed reading your piece and I think you might have just created a spark in my own ideas... Thank you! (: