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April 10, 2009
By WithaY BRONZE, Putnam Valley, New York
WithaY BRONZE, Putnam Valley, New York
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The one in the corner
That’s never seen
The one that seems
Like she’s never been

The one with the voice
That no one hears
The one that seams
Full of tears

She tries to express
Her hurt inside
But people ignore
And it seems like she never tried

The pain
The ache
The hurt
The big mistake

Silent like a mouse
A player with no record
She moves her mouth
But the words are never heard

No one feels her pain
No one feels her ache
No one feels her hurt
No one understands the big mistake

Her tears silently whisper
That no one loves her
That no one cares
And that no one ever will

Her journal really knows her
But he’s the only one
She’s never really known
What it means to have fun

All he knows is sadness
A lonely growling feeling
And she’s never really thought
That she is in any way appealing

Many think she’s trouble
Many think she’s strange
If they took the time to know her
But they’ll never change

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Lonleydandy said...
on Jan. 17 2010 at 3:40 pm
Aww.....hope this isn't you! Kind of depressing!!! I liked it though!