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Look A Little Deeper

March 28, 2009
By trmurphy BRONZE, Union Grove, Wisconsin
trmurphy BRONZE, Union Grove, Wisconsin
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Behind every smile,
There's a tear,
Behind every strength,
There are many weaknesses,
Behind every shred of light,
There's an abyss of darkness,

Behind every truth,
There's a secret,
Between every fragment of love,
There is a tinge of hate,
And more than an ounce of pain,
Behind every apology, there's a lie,

Behind every laugh,
There's a night wasted crying,
Behind every friend,
There's an enemy,
Behind every hope,
There's a let down,

Behind every dream,
There's a failure,
Behind every guy,there's a girl,
Behind every me, there is a you,
Behind every you, there's more,
Someone better than I,

Behind our song,
There's a shrieking melody,
behind that melody, it's a message,
That message you did me wrong,
Behind that wrong is a right,
That right is forgiveness,

Behind that forgiveness,
There's memories,
Behind those memories are the past,
Above that past, there is a future,
A future with confidence,
But behind that confidence is loneliness,

That loneliness is me,
Without you.

The author's comments:
This came to me one night before I fell asleep.

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