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My random talk of girls

April 20, 2009
By JooJoo SILVER, Middletown, New York
JooJoo SILVER, Middletown, New York
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I met her
A long few years ago
She enhanced my senses
Brought me out of a ditch
Cut off all my casts
Freed me from my newly found prison
And we were friends

There was love buried somewhere
That was let free a year later
We were together with a wall implanted
Right between…
Was it between us?
I believe we cried our shares

The shields were picked up
They were ready to be brought to arms
And the bandages began being wrapped
I was trapped
The process began
And when my time started
The crime was my regret
The bandages were on and shields welded together
Around my heart
My soul died

The next one
Came in on a breeze
Bronze hair
Pretty eyes
Body great, just like the stars
Came in with the wind
Wasn’t expecting it
Just noticed her
Year after my crime
She came into my eyes

She was a dangerous
Ruined a small part of my life
She made me happy though
She stole my soul
She tied it up and kept it

I was lost feeling something
Feeling fake affection
Thinking something was there
But there wasn’t
I was lost
Few months later
I found my soul
And myself

Like the last one, unexpected
Just as usual
She was something fierce
Like the hurricane just coming down
Destruction everywhere
And gone in the wink of its eye
She destroyed me

As she came
She carved her name
In my heart
Her tears were the embalming fluid
That kept it their

I believe she fed me lies
With that fake love
And I though hard about it
About her lies and those dreadful tears

What if they weren’t tears?
The tears I thought they were
That she gave up something that was good
But that she felt sorry for me
That after she moved on
I still loved her
What if that was what her tears meant

After this
I’ve lost all perception
I am in black and white
And I will show it
It is gone now
Not faded

And now I wonder
Why did I have to throw around?
These fancy words
These pretty lines on paper
My heart

Now I think
Why do I love to roll my r’s
Why am I always romeo
And she is always Rosaline
Why can’t I use my J
And get a Juliet
I see she is in nowhere in sight

I throw around what I’m good at
And now I have nothing else
My favorite lines are known by everyone
And now soon
Because my loving, care-free personality
They will take away my soul

So I will need healing
I will need some loving
I will need you
The one in my sights
My love that has my true

And in here lies my problem
There are a few
S- is one girl
T- is another one
K- is the last one
These girls I love with my fullest extent
As friends as family
And I want them as more
Yes, I want them as more

Each girl I’ve ever been with
All other girls could never
They could never surmount to each girl here
These girls are special
They can heal me
Mend my pains
They can love me
They can rid me of my past

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