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Forgotten You

April 15, 2009
By Stephanie Rioux SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
Stephanie Rioux SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Lying awake
Its five am
Im not in this place
Its too much
Im falling
Faster now
Crossing the unknown realms
One by one
You all follow me
But you cannot
Nothing special
Nothing plain
In between
Is the only way
You make it far
But not far enough
Shout to the heavens
Your voice will never reach
How does that feel?
Almost in a trance
But not quite
Still here
Yet not
You see its not true now
You see everything
How can you?
You are blind
You are deaf
The ocean below you
A barren desert above you
Taken advantage
All that is real
All that is kind
All that makes up the secrets
You cannot believe it all
If you do,
You will fall
Not like now,
But more so.
Indefinite dreams
And crumbling heaps
Of forgotten you
The floors of closets cluttered
With forgotten you
Poor you.
You let yourself fall.
Too bad
Too sad
Take care,
Forgotten you,
Forgot yourself.
No mountains left to climb
Too weak to take it slow
Should you laugh
A deep, dark chuckle,
You will rise.
Rise you will,
But with no glory
You are gone.
True forbearance
In fluttering freeness
Two seconds
The wind takes it away.
Ill trade you
For me
I let myself fall.
Trying hard to blossom
As lost as I am
‘Tie you shoes!’
He whistles.
The man with no name.
When you let yourself fall,
All cause is lost.
No time for names,
Just depth.
It's real
This place of submission
Too real,
In my unbiased opinion.
You are forgotten,
Forgotten you.
You may cry,
But they'll tell you not to waste your tears.
They'll tell you to be rid of all emotion.
Clear your mind and fall.
What goes on while you fall,
Well that point is for moot.
At least all the troubles are behind you.
Silly girls,
Goofy boys,
You should have known better.
'Cause when your done falling...
You are forgotten.
Forgotten you.

The author's comments:
This poem is meant to be interpreted in a myriad of different ways. Do no get caught up in what I, the author, meant, but rather what my words mean to you.

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