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The Bride

April 21, 2009
By Katie Brown SILVER, Granite Springs, New York
Katie Brown SILVER, Granite Springs, New York
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I sit here on my wedding
All dressed in white.
I wait for him to come
And behold such a sight.
I take one last look
In the mirror
And what do I see?
The same girl I saw
10 years ago
it’s still me.

I’m daddy’s little girl
All grown up and waiting
For him to take me down the
To the man who is waiting.
Waiting for me to come
And become only his.
Not Daddy’s little
But a woman who is his.

I am then interrupted
By a knock at the door.
he comes into my presence
what more could I ask for?
He sits at my side
And strokes my hair.
And says
“I remember when you hugged that teddy bear.
I hope you never forget the times we had together.
Even when your gone I’ll always remember.
Here’s a kiss for my angel, the one that I adore.
I can’t believe this day has come

I don’t’ know what else to ask for.”
He grabs me by the hand
And starts to stand me up
But I stop him and say
“You will always be my true love.
No matter how long I am gone
Or the man that I am about to marry
Will never have a place in my heart
That only you,
My daddy,”
He walks me down the aisle
And I look into his eyes
And the tears just start to fly.
I don’t know what I’d do without him
Or what he’s done for me
But one this is for sure
This bride will never forget
The man I call my Daddy.

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