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the opaque novela

April 29, 2009
By badlands SILVER, Kerrville, Texas
badlands SILVER, Kerrville, Texas
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In silence we say what we will not let out,
the gun blast is wordless,but the silence after the shout.
The intimant funeral suit of inner thought,
a clearness of voice that many have bought.

The extensive novel that hangs in the air
quised as trajedy to those who don't care.
To opun the cover and read what they hear
the voice of me finally truthful and clear.

The author's comments:
A poem in the style of a suicide note seen through the veil of the metaphysical,brought into focus.

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on Jun. 16 2011 at 9:38 am
foreverme BRONZE, Williamston, Michigan
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I liked it. The only thing, though, was the last line. I once knew a girl who killed herself. Nothing was clear, really. Not even to her closest friends, as far as I know.