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April 30, 2009
By -xlimitless239x- GOLD, Vanceboro, North Carolina
-xlimitless239x- GOLD, Vanceboro, North Carolina
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Why do they joke me?
Is it because of where I’m from?
They treat me like I’m stupid
Retarded, or even dumb

No wait,
They treat me worse
But would they treat me better
If I was sick, my throat hoarse?

Maybe I should be ashamed
Maybe even proud
Maybe I should change
Lol laugh out loud

I will never change
I know, strange
But if I had a choice
I think I would stay

Pride, it is a puzzling thing
It makes you do stupid stuff
But if you use it right
You could accomplish much

Maybe, just maybe
Will leave
Our great nation

The author's comments:
think about this poem. if you know someone who is being discriminated against, then give them mental support. if i was a lesser boy, i'd have committed suicide long ago.

don't ignore it

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