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May 6, 2009
By ScreamingOutLoud GOLD, Cumberland, Rhode Island
ScreamingOutLoud GOLD, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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I'm done with the
"I'm too good for you"
your pathetic attitude
yes we've changed
and that's no doubt
but what the hell is life about?
no one ever stays the same
no one in this world can say
your a different person
since we first met
and thats a problem
that i dont get
Because i've always been this way
and i will always stay the same
You cant say your not different too
after all that we've been through
life's changed us bot for better and worse
its just lifes tradgic curse
theres been ups and theres been downs
and i promise i'll always be around
but you have to take me that way i am
and know that this was never my plan.

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