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I know why

August 14, 2019
By KittyBittyNerd BRONZE, Schaumburg, Illinois
KittyBittyNerd BRONZE, Schaumburg, Illinois
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I know why the caged bird sings

of hope

of freedom

to lift her wings

I know why the man still hunts

of selfish advantages

isn't that blunt

I know why the caged bird can't fly

the cage is made of iron

and so am i

I know why the caged bird can't rest

life is full of



and bless

The author's comments:

The narrator is the cage, who notices the bird inside it. The bird is trapped, yet still sings. The bird wants to fly and escape from her burden. The man, who forced the bird, inside the cage, is selfish and does not care about the bird's feelings. Yet she still sings. I think this poem relates to me and a lot of our lives. Having full self-esteem can be very helpful when you're put in struggling situations. You're still able to lift up your head even when someone/something is trying to push you down. I hope you understand the message of my poem and how it impacts our society.

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