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May 8, 2009
By Anna Valdez SILVER, Terrell, Texas
Anna Valdez SILVER, Terrell, Texas
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A ribbon of Red
Like Christmastime flowers
A goblet of wine
To pass the long hours
The bloom of a rose
So innocent, sweet
The crimson of blood
As it falls to your feet.
A banner of Orange
Like the fruit by the name
A bronzed fall leaf
A jack-o’-lantern game
A marmalade cat
Curled up in a window
The leaves blown about
In autumn’s crescendo.
A touch of bright Yellow
Like midsummer’s sun
Sand grains as sea waves
Gently caress each one.
A dash of sweet Green
Nature’s own melody
From tall pines to silent moss,
There’s no parody
The eye of a tiger,
A housecat, a fox
A bright little sailboat
As, slowly, it docks.
The kiss of bright Blue
Like a spring’s warming sky
The shell of a robin’s egg,
A paint horse’s eye
Of diamonds on the lake,
A dolphin’s cool skin,
Of small, firm blueberries
And the nectar within
A shade of dark Indigo
Like the hour before dawn
Off butterfly’s wings and
A bright painted pawn
The petal’s of a bluebonnet,
The Lone Star’s own flower
The second star on the right
As it shines ‘til morn’s hour
The rush of sweet Purple
Like the mantles of kings
Of lavender and violets
And a dragonfly’s wings
The richest of satin
On an emporer’s throne
The color of mystery
And worlds unknown
Together, these eight
From Purple to Red,
In a beautiful Rainbow
Are magically wed.

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on May. 25 2010 at 1:56 am
Clementine SILVER, Gustavus, Alaska
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I adore this poem! It is one of my favorites for sure. You are amazing.